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  • Welcome to Hangzhou Opto Electronics Co., Ltd.'s website.

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    About us
    Hangzhou Opto Electronics Co., Ltd.was established in 2001, with import and export right of science and technology enterprises. The company mainly produces microscopes and other optical instruments and machine vision lighting products video images, laser products and other LED lighting products. The company has precision machining and electronics, optical equipment assembly production capacity, some products are exported to the United States, Japan, Spain and other countries. Our company is one of the core units of Yuhang Production Base, National Optical Instrument Engineering Technology Research Center of Zhejiang University. At the same time, Zhejiang University Optical Instrument Technology Engineering Research Center is also my company's technology side, the company uses its latest research results to transform and enhance the technological content of products, develop product applications, to give traditional optical instruments to a new concept. Combining research and production practice with the development of electron microscopes, fluorescent ring lights, viewing targets, laser indicators and new optical products. The company's business purpose is "technology as the guide, talent-based, industry as a means of efficiency for the purpose of" my company with the greatest commitment to the community for the community to provide optoelectronic technology services, more hope and people at home and abroad work together , For the common development of optoelectronics business to write a brilliant chapter.