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    • Hundred million the photoelectric will attend the 17th China international optoelectronic exposition
    • Editor:Hangzhou Opto Electronics Co., Ltd.Date:2015-08-13 18:39 Click:
    Hangzhou Yiao photoelectric Co Ltd, by the general manager Cai Yong led the team to participate in the August 31st to September 3rd, held in Shenzhen Exhibition Center "seventeenth China International Optoelectronic Exposition China". This is the company for 10 consecutive years to participate in this exhibition. The company will launch new products in the field of optical vision equipment, will also carry the new product of cross-border LED lighting exhibition. I hope the new and old customers to visit the company's booth to visit the guide, to discuss development.
    The company's booth: Hall 7, 7E27.