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  • Welcome to Hangzhou Opto Electronics Co., Ltd.'s website.

    中文版 | English

    • HXD-7 HXD-7

      HXD - 7 introduction HXD - 7 LED ring lamp is the most light and convenient. It can replace the fluorescent ring lamp to ...[Detail]

    • HXD-6 HXD-6

      HXD - 6 introduction HXD - is the company independent research and development of intelligent LED ring lights, it is popu...[Detail]

    • HXD-5 HXD-5

      HXD - 5 introduction HXD - is the most common and common LED ring lights, popular. Its characteristics are as follows: 1....[Detail]

    • HXD-3 HXD-3

      HXD - 3 introduction HXD - 3 has the appearance of the most classic LED ring lights and the most stable technology, it is...[Detail]

    • HXD-1 HXD-1

      HXD - 1 a introduction HXD - 1 a is the most commonly used one of the most common LED ring lamp design, it is widely used...[Detail]