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  • 您好,歡迎進入杭州億奧光電有限公司官方網站!

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    • HXD-1A-en
    • 本站編輯:杭州億奧光電有限公司發布日期:2017-03-21 14:32 瀏覽次數:
    Product Features
    1、The ring Light is made of ABS housing and high‐quality, high brightness Φ5mm type LEDs,with good condenser performance, high energy efficiency focus
    2、The controller uses aluminum metal shell, beautiful appearance, stability, good anti‐jamming performance
    3、A professional design linear dimming circuit(no PMW), continuous step‐less dimming, flicker
    4、Built‐in high‐performance wide‐voltage power supply, can
    5、be used to adapt to global voltage at around
    6、There areHangzhouvrietyofring caps and matching accessories

    Technical Parameters
    1、Lighting power:6W or 7W
    2、Method of LED Dimming: Linear Current Control(no PWM)
    3、LED Color Temperature CCT:6400K typical or Custom
    4、Color Rendering Index CRI: Approx m tely 70 or Custom
    5、Mounting ring size for microscope: Φ60mm or Φ72mm Power Input:100‐240VAC/50‐60Hz
    7、Power cord length:1.5m

    Accessories and Options
    Standard configuration:
    Controller(aluminum metal shell)1pcs Ring Lighting(60pcs or 78pcs) 1pcs
    Transition circle M48X1.5(plastic) 1pcs
    Optional accessories
    1、HXD‐1A‐78 type can opt Polarization filter and diffusion filter.
    2、Can use anti‐static coating process, so that the entire ring lighting has anti‐static function


    HXD‐1A‐78 (with Polarization filter)